The next person you hire could make or break your team.

The level of productivity in your business is dependent on how well your team can work together.

The level of productivity in your business is dependent on how well your team can work together.

The next employee you hire will play a huge role in how your business can meet its goals and objectives – or, they could be the reason why you don’t. The effect your newest employee will have is entirely dependent on who you choose to hire.

If you’ve been assigned the responsibility of finding a new employee, this isn't a single to-do item. Finding the right person requires a series of subtasks. Despite your other responsibilities – you need to write a job description, advertise the position, sort through the candidates, conduct rounds of interviews, provide an offer letter, and get them through training. This is all on top of your usual daily demands, and the process should not be skimmed over. You need to take time to screen your candidates. Whoever you choose to hire will bring a pre-established attitude and habits from their past work history. This can be contagious and contribute to the energy within your team.

Your team is relying on you to get it right. All individuals – across all departments – in a business are dependent on each other. Even the most talented and skilled person relies on the efforts of other people to make sure things get done. Sales representatives are reliant on the operations team to meet customer demands, managers are reliant on bookkeepers for day-to-day financial decisions, the payroll administrator expects the HR team has correctly submitted all employee information. And so on. Depending on your ability to hire, recruitment may be best left to a HR specialist or a recruiter.

The fact that people within teams are reliant on each other is nothing new. But with the number of changes and global shifts in agribusiness, functions are becoming more specialised and the potential for growth is full of possibilities. Adding new people to the team shouldn't be left to chance or intuition. The right mix of people can bring out the best in each other; the wrong mix will negatively impact the business.

You'll want to make sure that the next person you hire will be a good fit. Whether a junior or senior role, their contribution should make the team better off as a whole.

How will you recruit your next employee and ensure they’re right for the team?

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Josh Peters