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Whether you’re new to the industry or seeking change, we will help find the right job opportunity for you. Our deep understanding of agribusiness and the career paths that are available will help provide clarity on which employment opportunities best suit your goals.

As well as your education and experience, we also consider your character and what you want from an employer. By getting to know you, we can advise on potential career pathways, and connect you with employers who have the right job for you.

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"Josh rang me one day and asked whether I would consider an opportunity in one of his clients' businesses. I wasn't that keen until he filled me in on everything. He knew so much about them and seemed genuinely excited by what they were doing."

- Lauren Abbott, Agronomist


Driven by your needs


We are passionate about agribusiness, technology and recruitment. Interested in developing genuine friendships and mutually beneficial partnerships. We keep it simple, honest and aim to positively change the way you perceive the value of having a relationship with a recruiter.

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Our process



Here at NAS we enjoy time on farm and in businesses, are active across key social media platforms, encourage industry collaboration and regularly attend industry functions. We do this because it allows us to develop meaningful relationships right across the industry. And importantly, with the most progressive, dynamic and sought after employers. 


As a partner of NAS you can expect the highest level of communication; we take a lot of pride in being able to offer educational experiences to you each time we catch up. We offer the same level of service when catching up with potential employers. This allows for a strengthening of the relationship and for future conversations with these people as ‘potential employers’ much easier.


Here at NAS we value mutually beneficial relationships and are motivated to create a supportive environment throughout the recruitment process. This process is at its most effective when all parties are communicating their wants and needs. It is for this reason that we enjoy getting to know as much about you as possible. We encourage a collaborative approach, and one that allows us to do the heavy lifting for you.


As a partner of NAS you will see the benefits of our relationship long after we been lucky enough to help you out. We will ensure that your integration into a new workplace is as hassle free as possible. We offer on-going support and guidance post-placement to ensure that any issues that arise are dealt with immediately.