Regional focus: Bundaberg


A combination of secure water, fertile land, advanced infrastructure and reliable weather is what empowers the Bundaberg Region to develop strong agribusinesses.

The Bundaberg region is blessed with a favourable climate and consistent weather patterns that result in high-quality production systems. These systems produce berries, citrus, nuts, cane, avocados, as well as value-added derivates of these raw products like rum, ginger beer and salted nuts;  the consistency of the produce is a reflection of the soil and climate conditions.

Located at the tip of south-east Queensland, Bundaberg has one of the most equable climates in Australia. Dependable water sources like the Burnett River and the Paradise Dam, provide growers with an abundance of secure, high-quality water. With the town centre being only a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean, there is an element of diversity to Bundaberg rarely found in other agricultural regions in Australia. There is an old wives tale going around that the red soil gives the produce a ‘magic flavour'. 

Credit must be given where it is due and in addition to these favourable conditions, it's the people that drive the area. The Bundaberg Regional Council and the local agriculture community are driven by their passion for continual improvement and innovation, creating a supportive network for exchanging ideas on technology and infrastructure.

In order for this region to continue to develop, it is vital that current members of the agricultural community look to a bigger network. A broader reputation both nationally and overseas will help to attract even more qualified and experienced people. The region will experience further growth as long as Bundaberg welcomes outsiders (and their ideas) with open arms, continues to promote the region through a range of campaigns and by providing support and encouragement to any aspiring agribusiness professionals.

Bundaberg is famous for being a diverse agricultural basket, even being called the ‘salad bowl of QLD’ by some passionate locals. We think the rest of Australia, the world even, should know more about it.

This article has been adapted from Bundaberg agriculture showcase by Bundaberg Regional Council and Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers.

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